The Dead Weather

Jack White of The White Stripes and The Raconteurs obviously doesn't like to be idle. The guy cannot not make music for any period apparently. Sea of Weather is his third group and is made up of him on vocals/drums, Alison Mosshart on vocals/guitar, Jack Lawrence on bass/drums, and Dean Fertita on keyboards/guitar.

Based in Nashville, Sea of Cowards is their sophomore release. Like their debut album this one is filled with heart thumping rock and some dirty blues. Everything about the recording is very primal and raw sounding. The guitars wail and squeal, there is plenty of distortion to be heard, and most of the vocals are screamed. The sound they created on their first album has been tinkered with enough to keep it from being stale. They have changed typical rock stylings to suit their musical sensibilities. You cannot deny that this foursome has plenty o' chemistry.

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