The Original Broadway Cast Recording Featuring Green Day

Green Day's popular album American Idiot became a Broadway musical. Strange is what you may be thinking, but when you think of the hugely popular rock musical Rent you'll have to admit it isn't so odd.

The musical and as a result the soundtrack contains every song from American Idiot album as well as a few from Green Day's Grammy Award nominated 21st Century Breakdown.

The story behind the musical is about young people trying to find their way in a post 9/11 world. While I have always kinda liked Green Day's music this album really surprised me. The music and the way it has been reinterpreted is great. It is very interesting to hear Green Day's songs sung by female voices. That plus the new arrangements bringing plenty of emotion to the songs really brought them to another level for me. Even fans of the band will find very little to complain about with this recording.

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