The Wes Craven Horror Collection

Wes Craven has always been looked up to by fans of the horror genre as one of the best directors. His stories are seen as imaginative, his visuals an eyeful, sprinkled with dark humour, and naturally gory. This collection contains three of his best films.

The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988):
Anthropologist Dennis Allen (Bill Pullman – While You Were Sleeping, The Accidental Tourist) travels to Haiti to try and locate a drug thought to be able to bring people back from the dead. He gets more than he bargained for when Dennis finds himself deeply involved in the world of voodoo – zombies, blood and curses.

Shocker (1989):
A killer (Mitch Pileggi – from television's The X Files) who shows no remorse is on death row and manages to somehow bring himself back to life after undergoing the electric chair. He uses the energy from the chair to transform himself into a frightening energy source. Seemingly the only person who can stop him on his murderous rampage is Jonathan (Peter Berg – Lions for Lambs, Collateral). He is the football player who turned him in and as a result has a strange connection to the killer.

The People Under the Stairs (1991):
A family friend (Ving Rhames – Mission: Impossible III, Con Air) persuades a young boy (Brandon Quintin Adams – The Sandlot, The Mighty Ducks) to break into his landlords' house and steal their rare coin collection. It turns out the brother (Everett McGill – Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, Dune) and sister (Wendy Robie – Vampire in Brooklyn) are psychotic and are not the only ones living in the house.

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