Eddie Izzard Show Preview

One of the most talented and successful stand up comedians working today is Brit Eddie Izzard. Izzard has acted in films like Oceans Thirteen and Across the Universe, starred in television series The Riches, won British Comedy Awards, ran 43 marathons in 50 days for the charity Sport Relief, won Emmy Awards for his stand up shows, appeared in plays on Broadway and London's West End like A Day in the Death of Joe Egg and David Mamet's The Cryptogram, done some voiceover work for the British government, and been nominated for a Tony Award. As you can see he is truly a Renaissance man.

Eddie has his own unique style of stand up which involves rambling monologues, pantomimes, guys named Steve, jam, voice impersonations of Sean Connery and James Mason, and plenty of bees. You can understand this when you find out that his comedy mentors are John Cleese and the rest of the Monty Python guys. His comedy is very witty, intelligent and British. Oh, and he is also a transvestite. Though lately he very rarely performs in women's clothes which, if you are a fan of his, is rather disappointing.

Respected by fans and his peers, Izzard has been voted the 5th Greatest National British comedians, voted in the Top 20 of Greatest comedians Ever by his fellow comedians and has been dubbed the "lost Python" by the members of the Monty Python troupe.

Additional Information:
-Website: www.eddieizzard.com
-Ticket Purchase: www.ticketpro.ca or (514) 790-1111
-Ticket Prices: $69.63, $57.38, $46.13 (plus taxes and service charges)
-Show Time: 8:00 p.m.

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