Festivalissimo Preview

For the first 14 years of Festivalissimo the festival that celebrates everything from the Ibero-Latino-Americano cultures it was a symbol of the beginning of spring in Montreal. The 15th Festivalissimo has been moved to smack dab in the middle of spring and the great weather that is sure to accompany it (fingers crossed) will help add to the warm ambiance that already surrounds it.

To warm things up even more Festivalissimo is trying its best to turn part (or all) of the downtown core of the city from May 27-30 into a fiesta del baile, which means a big party. It is their goal that everyone catches Latin fever! Dubbed La Feria, this part of the festival is happening completely outdoors (hear that Mother Nature?!) on Ste. Catherine in between Guy and St. Mathieu. It will be a celebration of Portuguese, Spanish and Latin American culture in every possible way. There will be music, dancing, food, and other types of animation. Each day has its own theme such as tango, flamenco and salsa. Everyday during La Feria if you head over to this area you will think that you are in Havana, Seville or maybe Buenos Aires. To close up the festival on the last Sunday there will be a huge carnival event.

Conveniently you are given a few days to recover from La Feria before plunging yourself into the film portion of the festival. Beginning on June 4th and going until the 13th, there will many feature length films being screened from Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chili, Cuba, and Uruguay. The opening film on June 6th is Aguas Verdes (Argentina) which will be screened with director Mariano de Rosa present and the closing film Musica en Espera (Argentina) is on June 11th. There is also a special short film section and a highlighting of films from the country of El Salvador.

Do not forget that certain lunch hours at Place Alexis Nihon there will be once again be les Midis de Festivalissimo featuring all types of Latin dance styles and music. These events allow for attendees to participate and learn the dances. Bring your brown bag lunches and enjoy!

Additional Information:
-Website: www.festivalissimo.ca
-Venues: Place Alexis Nihon – 1500 Atwater
Ste. Catherine West (outdoors between Guy and St. Mathieu)
Ex-Centris Cinema – 3536 St. Laurent
-Ticket Purchase: festivalissimo.ticketaccess.net or Complexe eXcentris (3536 St. Laurent)

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