Prince of Thieves

Robin Hood is England's best loved bandits and has a ton of films made about him to prove that. Throughout most of film history up until today with Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood" there have been many a film made about the bandit in green tights who steals from the rich to give to the poor. This one was made by legendary Hollywood producer Sam Katzman, Oscar Award winning writer Charles Schnee and starring comedic legend Syd Saylor and Jon Hall.

Robin Hood (played by Jon Hall) rescues Maid Marian (played by Patricia Morison) and her brother from an unknown man. Maid Marian's and Robin's lives and upcoming nuptials are in danger because of their well-known opposition to ruler Prince John. So Robin and his Merry Men travel to Nottingham Castle in order to free England from the oppressive ruler and allow for the wedding of Robin and Maid Marian to happen.

Don't make the mistake that because the title of this film is the same as the Kevin Costner Robin Hood film that they are similar films – nothing could be further from the truth. Director Bretherton's (Gun Smoke, The Navajo Trail) version is a low-budget one and the film suffers as a result. Everyone on the film does their best from the actors to the cinematographer, but in the end not even their best efforts makes this a memorable film.

Special Features:
-Previews of The Treasures of Columbia Classics and A Knight's Tale

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