Mondial de la Biere Preview

The 17th annual Mondial de la Biere is coming up soon and is something that Montrealers really get into. Each year many brewers and other members of the brewing industry get together to introduce their products to the public. Over 400 beers from 5 different continents will be on hand to be tasted. You will not only be afforded the opportunity to taste new products, but also participate in beer making workshops and professional issues.

There will be many different brewers and distributors at the Mondial. Those that will be there include Bamberger (Brazil), Heineken (France), Sol (Quebec), Boreale (Quebec), Hoegaarden (Belgium), Le Cheval Blanc (France), Brutopia (Quebec), Grolsch (Holland), Molson (Quebec), Unibroue (Italy), Sleeman (Canada), Sapporo (Japan), and Les 3 Brasseurs (Quebec). These are all brewers that you know, but there is also plenty of opportunity to discover new products from companies such as Avery Brewing Co. (U.S.A.), Beau's All Natural Brewing Co (Ontario), Brasserie Brunehaut (Belgium), Royale Unibrew (Denmark), Ashahi Beer (Japan), and Green King (U.K.).

For those involved in the beer industry the workshops will be of great interest to you. Over the 5 days you can learn about things like how to promote and sell specialty beers, beers and cheeses, small scale brewing, Quebec and Ontario beers, and a closing cocktail.

To compliment what you are drinking besides beer there will some food kiosques such as Frites Alors, Boutique Fromage D'Ici, Le Gourment International, Robert Duguay Saucissier, and Magnan's Tavern.

As opposed to other salons this one is not just a commercial fair, but also has a total festive atmosphere. They want you to have fun while learning about the different products available. There will be fun taste testing kiosques set up throughout the courtyard. But besides all the fun activities there are also kiosques dedicated to educating the public about the safe consumption of alcohol.

Additional Information:
-Venue: 1160 De La Gauchetiere West
-Entrance Fee: Free Admission
-Tasting Fees: Tasting Tickets: $1 each
Cost Per Tasting: 1-5 Tickets
Quantity Per Tasting: 3-4 ounces
Tasting Guide: $2
Tasting Mug: $8

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