It is truly amazing how one's life can change so drastically from one moment to the next. This was particularly true for teen singing sensation Charice. Discovered on YouTube by The Oprah Show's producers, Charice went from performing on talent shows such as "Little Big Star" in her native Philippines to stepping onto the world stage with the support of big names such as Oprah Winfrey, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli and music producer, David Foster. Charice's debut self-titled album is a blend of pop and R&B. Her debut single "Pyramid" feat. Iyaz is a solid track. Listeners get to hear her impressive vocal range on "Thank You." "I Love You," "Nothing." And "Note To God" are good as well.

Charice is small in frame but what a powerful voice she has. While her album is enjoyable, the true potential of her voice doesn't quite reach its heights. It seems to be sugar coated to a more commercial album geared towards a younger audience. Those of you who saw her amazing debut performance on Oprah's show understand what I mean. Nevertheless, with a powerful voice like hers, Charice has the potential for a long lasting career.

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