Flicka 2

Living with her grandmother for the past seven years has been Carrie McLaughlin's (Tammin Sursok – from television's The Young and the Restless) world since her mother died in a car accident. When it becomes obvious that her elderly grandmother is in the early stages of Alzheimers and cannot care for her to avoid going into foster care, city girl Carrie goes to live with her father Hank (Patrick Warburton – Open Season, Men in Black II) in Wyoming.

Carrie does not really know her father. Her father and mother did not work out and she was brought up by her mother. Hank is a horse rancher and Carrie is used to cell phones and skate boarding. Both have some adjustments to make in their new roles.

After one of their fights, Carrie goes stomping off and comes upon a beautiful black horse. Flicka is a wild mustang that no one has been able to ride. Flicka saves Carrie from a snake in the barn and a deep friendship between girl and animal begins.

Even though the story is totally predictable and a rehash of several other films you can't help but like Flicka 2. The horse is beautiful, the scenery breathtaking and the characters are quite likeable (except those that are not supposed to be). Even if you are not a horse person it's hard not to be sucked into it.

What I did find out while looking into the production crew of the film was that Michael Damian of The Young and the Restless fame directed the film. You know…Danny for years and years (22 to be exact) on the daytime soap opera. Interesting to see that he has gone behind the camera and does a decent job. I guess, you should not prejudge someone because they were a soap actor.

When I was a kid there were tons of films like this. Films that were pure and parents did not have to worry about taking their kids to. Real family films. Glad to see that they have not totally disappeared.

Special Features:
-A Conversation with Clint Black
-Running Wild: The North American Mustang
-The Making of Flicka 2
-Horsin' Around
-Percy Jackson + The Olympians: The Lightening Thief – Trailer