Fantasia Film Festival 2010 Preview

Over 3 weeks in July the 14th edition of the Fantasia Film Festival will screen around 120 feature films and several hundred shorts. The festival will show films from well-known directors and actors alongside new, fresh, young talent from many different countries. Excited? I am!

It will all kick off with a bang and the Eastern Canadian premiere of one of the most important films in cinematic history. The newly restored version of Fritz Lang's "Metropolis". There are 25 minutes of believed to be lost footage that have been put back in the seminal 1927 film. It will be screened at Place des Arts with an orchestral accompaniment. An experience not to be missed.

The actual opening film will be the large Disney and Hollywood film "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" starring Montrealer Jay Baruchel, Nicolas Cage and Alfred Molina. Baruchel will be at the screening for a chance for a Q+A with the audience. The closing film is a Canadian one that was a hit at Sundance called "Tucker + Dale vs. Evil" directed by Eli Craig.

How will they follow up that, you ask. Well, they will continue the film marvellousness (now I'm making up words to describe this festival) with Jean Cocteau's "Le Sang d'un Poète" backed up by a musical score provided by Siouxsie and the Banshee's co-founder Steven Severin. The hits keep coming with a presentation of some of the films of director Ken Russell along with giving him a Lifetime Achievement Award. Not stopping there they will also award Lifetime Achievement Awards to Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. The two gentlemen were animators of Disney films of the 1970s like "A Land Before Time", " The Sword in the Stone" and "Robin Hood".

As if that wasn't enough there will be a spotlight on Serbian films, an overview of South Korean cinema and also one on the abuse of faith, the horrors of ideology and the corruption of godliness. There will also be parties, performances, panels, free outdoor screenings, CJLO DJs spinning between films, and visiting filmmakers.

Fantasia is now the biggest genre film festival in North America. Each year roughly 80,000 people take in at least one film at Fantasia. Make sure you attend the official opening party on Thursday, July 8th @ 1234 de la Montagne to get into the whole vibe of it early. Oh, and also make sure you pick up the festival program, a 350-odd page wonder that will be your bible during the festival. Tickets for the films will be on sale as of July 6th at 1:00 p.m.

Additional Information:
-Venues: Hall Theatre Concordia – 1455 de Maisonneuve West
Place des Arts – 175 Ste. Catherine West
Imperial Theatre – 1432 Bleury
Rialto Theatre – 5723 Parc
Parc de la Paix – 1195 Saint Laurent
-Ticket Purchase: Hall Theatre Box Office – 1455 de Maisonneuve West or (514) 790-1245 or
Ticket Prices: Single Ticket: $8.00
Book of 10: $70.00

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