The path that this film series has taken lately has been rather dismal. With the horrible Alien vs. Predator films coming out it really has taken the Predator series down several notches. While this one is no Scorsese it isn't half bad. What I mean by that is that the Continue Reading

The Last Waltz – Blu-ray Edition

Originally released in 1978, The Last Waltz is merely one of the best concert movies ever made. Scorsese keeps it polished but raw: great music numbers blended perfectly with time-tested tales on life on the road. This movie chronicles am epic tribute to one of rock's greatest groups, The Band. Continue Reading

Parc Safari

For many years now Parc Safari has offered people of all ages a chance to get up close and personal to many different animals while educating them about these creatures at the same time. The Feline Tunnel, Deer Trail, Adventure Safari, Wildlife Observatory, Wild Rides Amusement Park, and a Water Continue Reading