Tony Allen

Nigerian Afrobeat legend Tony Allen has long been thought of as one of the best percussionists in popular music. Named by none other than Brian Eno as the best drummer to ever play. Along with Fela Kuti, who he played with for almost 2 decades, he came up with the Afrobeat sound. Able to play different styles of music like highlife, traditional Nigerian, jazz, and soul/funk., Allen is a great drummer and a musician who has influenced scads of other artists in the jazz, funk and hip hop genres.

On this album Allen has surrounded himself with some very talented musicians, but he is still the backbone. His drumming drives everything forward. Typical of Afrobeat the lyrics are filled with a call to resistance against oppression and, of course, to dance and party. It is so silky and smooth is sounds like a recording of a hot jam session.

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