The Clash @ Fantasia

It is good to see that Hollywood is not the only part of the world that likes to make cheesy action films. While watching the film I thought it was the type of film that if made here would star Jean-Claude Van Damme or John Cena. There is plenty of great action scenes but no real story coupled with some of the cheesiest lines of dialogue ever written.

Trinh (Thanh Van Ngo) is a female mercenary who has assembled a team for a job where they must steal a laptop from a French group of gangsters. She has assembled Quan (Johnny Nguyen – Ella Enchanted, Cradle 2 the Grave), Cang (Lam Minh Thang) and Long (Hoang Phuc Nguyen) to make up her team.

According to an agreement she made with her boss, this is the last mission she will have to do for him. Trinh was rescued by him from Vietnam where as a 14-year-old she was forced into the sex industry.

Trinh's team is able to get their hands on the laptop, but a double cross occurs and the laptop is taken. Chaos ensues, people are killed and it seems like Trinh will not get her daughter.

Trinh and Quan are the only members of the team left. She has been injured but still wants to forge forward and regain the laptop. Feelings begin to crop up between Trinh and Quan, but it will become complicated because he is not exactly who he seems.

Other than the action scenes which feature pretty decent fighting the whole film is like a soap opera with over-the-top long looks between characters and things being utter that no one in their right minds would ever say. Many of these lines earned chuckles from the crowd in the theatre. Speaking of laughs, there were a couple of really bad flashback sequences that were so bad that they were almost good, if you know what I mean. I began to think that director Le Thanh Son was doing it on purpose. Finally the music was also totally over-the-top. Every time the boss and Trinh got together at their meeting place by the water opera music featuring a female vocalist would be heard. Just ridiculous!

The story is also ridiculous. No depth. It doesn't make sense. Things just seem to randomly happen. You are just left to sort things out on your own or shaking your head.

The soap opera stuff coupled with the silly story in which nothing makes sense or is explained and other than the tightly shot action scenes this is an unmitigated disaster.

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