The Maine

Unlike most groups today The Maine have recorded a true album. Their producer, the Grammy Award-winner Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, The All-American Rejects), has made sure that this is a cohesive piece of work and not just a series of singles. Black & White must be taken as a whole.

From the pop tracks to the ballads, they are all of high quality and well-written. Yes, they are all about love and heartbreak, but that is what most good songs are about, no? Songs that are catchy and great production values are apparent from the get go. Sometimes the band falls into the trap of using the same repetitive beats over and over, but it is just so catchy that you won't really mind. "Growing Up" is by far the strongest track. Even better than the first single, "Inside of You". The album still boasts the sound that has brought fans to the band.

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