Buck 65 The Lost Tapes (DVD/CD)

East Coast DJ and musician extraordinaire Buck 65 (Rich Terfry) has now branched out and is the driving force behind this film. The Lost Tapes, which comes with a brand new EP of music that contains a great cover of Leonard Cohen's "Who By Fire", is loosely based on the true story of some tapes that were stolen from Buck 65 while he performed a live show in a church in 2008. The stolen tapes are found days later in British Columbia on the side of the road and contain footage of Buck 65's childhood, how he got physically attacked after a show, how influenced he is by his brother, and finally how he loves to rollerskate.

It is a collage of bits of performances from his 2008 cross-Canada tour called "Situation", interviews, Buck 65's rants that can go off anywhere, animated illustrations by Nicole Aline Legault, and skits. Besides Buck 65 himself we also see Paul "Skratch Bastid" Murphy, Cadence Weapon, DJ Weezl amongst others.

It is amazing to me that this guy has been around for 20 years. He obviously has not lost the passion for what he does and continues on with this art piece keeping things fresh. This is a guy who keeps on going to the beat of his own drum and being successful at it.

Special Features:
-Previously Unreleased Video for "Shutterbuggin"

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