Laurie Anderson

Despite what you might have heard about her latest Montreal live show during the Jazz Festival with Lou Reed and Warren Zevon, the woman is very talented. Maybe too much so. Anderson is a singer, musician, visual artist, poet, photographer, and filmmaker. That is a lot of things to stuff into one life!

Her latest work is very artistic in that it cuts right to human emotions. It is always intelligent, but also funny and tender. It tells the tale of what is going on right now in the United States in regards to politics, economics and the very dreams of its inhabitants. She is without a doubt upset about its present state and makes no attempts to hide that. There is a certain bitterness about its potential and what could have been. Though she is also urging on her fellow countrymates to pull through these difficult times to rise once again.

The sounds of the album are simple and haunting. Accompanied by a very few other musicians, many of the songs feature Anderson's voice and her violin, a viola and keyboards. Stripped down and that is what makes what she is singing – the words, I mean – that much more powerful. Riveting, actually.

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