Hawaii Five-0: The Ninth Season

Filmed on location in Hawaii, this cop drama follows an elite police unit that investigates cases involving organized crime, murder, assassination, and various other types of felonies. While season nine is not the best of the lot, but it is the best of the last few seasons.

Episode 1: Nine Dragons, Part 1: Wo Fat (played by Gerald Lau) steals some toxins in order to attempt to assassinate some Chinese leaders.

Episode 2: Nine Dragons, Part 2: While in Hong Kong, Steve (played by Jack Lord) is captured by Wo Fat and tortured.

Episode 3: Assault on the Palace: Steve has to try to solve the case of a bank robbery done under the cover of an historical re-enactment.

Episode 4: Oldest Profession – Latest Price: It seems like a string of prostitutes being murdered is linked to an extortion racketeer trying to make a comeback.

Episode 5: Man on Fire: Five bodies are found in a crater and its up to Hawaii Five-0 to investigate.

Episode 6: Tour de Force, Killer Aboard: Two deaths seem somehow connected to an assassination attempt on a Sheikh.

Episode 7: The Last of the Great Paperhangers: A master forger arrives back in Hawaii with a plan to rob the US Navy Funds.

Episode 8: Heads, You're Dead: Yacht racers are found dead on their ship and so Steve begins to investigate some buccaneers.

Episode 9: Let Death Do Us Part: An escaped convict drags Steve into a paranormal case.

Episode 10: Double Exposure: A photographer is stalked after taking a picture of a supposedly dead gangster who is trying to get back into the game.

Episode 11: Yes, My Deadly Daughter: Ten million dollars goes missing from a crime lord's coffers and the main suspect is someone who lives under his own roof.

Episode 12: Target – A Cop: Cops are shot but the case becomes a difficult one when the main suspect is a paraplegic.

Episode 13: The Bells Toll at Noon: The boyfriend of a woman who died from an overdose starts killing people who he feels are responsible for her death in the same way as in famous films.

Episode 14: Men in a Steel Frame: Steve is the main suspect in the murder of his girlfriend.

Episode 15: Ready…Aim…: Steve and a Japanese officer work on a case involving guns that are being brought into Tokyo.

Episode 16: Elegy in a Rain Forest: The daughter of the Attorney General is kidnapped.

Episode 17: Dealer's Choice – Blackmail: Steve investigates a gambling syndicate after a hit and run.

Episode 18: A Capitol Crime: A retired man threatens to blow himself and his hostages up if the demolition of his home is not stopped.

Episode 19: To Die in Paradise: It looks as if a woman who has been kidnapped and her kidnappers have died at sea. Or have they?

Episode 20: Blood Money is Hard to Wash: A gangster wants to buy a football team so he can launder his money through it.

Episode 21: To Kill a Mind: Steve is suspicious about the parts of a sunken Soviet submarine that are being recovered.

Episode 22: Requiem for a Saddle Bronc Rider: A couple is murdered and a cowboy is missing.

Episode 23: See How She Runs: The daughter of a LA detective and Steve's friend is accused of murder and then joins a cult.

Episode 24: Practical Jokes Can Kill You: A gang of hang-gliding thieves steal arms from the armoury.

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