Pretty Bird

An American story of dreams and delusions that is based on a true story. Sometimes the lengths that some people will go to in order to attain their dreams are incredible.

The "Rocket Belt" was first developed by Bell Agronautics in the 1950s with financial backing from the U.S. military. The Bell Rocket Belt flew successfully for the first time in 1961. Upon seeing this test, the U.S. military found the device so impractical that they promptly withdrew financing and dropped all support for further development.

As it was hard to build, very dangerous and complicated to fly, only a few had been created since the Bell Rocket Belt. Despite that the Rocket Belt continued to inspire would-be inventors and entrepreneurs.

Curtis (Billy Crudup – Eat Pray Love, Public Enemies) approaches his old friend Kenny (David Hornsby – Flags of Our Fathers, Minority Report), who owns a successful mattress store with the idea to build a Rocket Belt. Kenny would be the money and Curtis the salesman. They then hire out of work engineer Richard (Paul Giamatti – The Last Station, Cinderella Man). He comes on board to help build a propulsion rocket.

Everything that can go wrong does. They are low on money, have no blue prints, and to top it off Richard and Curtis don't trust each other. Richard builds the belt, but keeps getting more and more paranoid that Curtis is pushing him out. Things just keep getting weirder and weirder as time goes on.

There is something just a little off with this film. The characters are very interesting and colourful. It should be an interesting watch, but the script holds it back. As a result the film is slow moving and diverts in all different directions without really going anywhere. It ends up just being disjointed.

Special Features:
-Previews for Wrong Turn at Tahoe, Echelon Conspiracy, The Cry of the Owl, She's Out of My League, and The Goods

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