American Idol winner Fantasia has had her share of ups and downs lately. She completed a successful run on the Broadway show "The Color Purple", but then had to declare bankruptcy and recently was hospitalized after an accidental overdose. These personal problems don't seem to have affected her during the Continue Reading

Lady Gaga

Lining up some of the biggest producers in dance/electronic music is what Gaga has done and I find it hard to believe that her debut album is still going on! The fact that "The Fame Monster" has sold over 10 million units makes the remix version make sense. Also the Continue Reading

Quest For Fire

This Canadian four-piece band has now released its debut full-length album and it is comprised of 8 tracks of psychedelic sounding music. There is plenty of reverb and pedal work to be heard on this collection of songs. Much of the arrangements and musicianship is quite complex in all honesty. Continue Reading