Lady Gaga

Lining up some of the biggest producers in dance/electronic music is what Gaga has done and I find it hard to believe that her debut album is still going on! The fact that "The Fame Monster" has sold over 10 million units makes the remix version make sense. Also the fact that Lady Gaga has reworked these songs many times herself for live performances makes it then no surprise that she has released an "official" remix album.

Producers like Stuart Price, Starsmith, Alphabeat, Frankmusik, Passion Pit, and Pet Shop Boys work their magic on songs like "Just Dance", "Lovegame" and "Paparazzi". There are 17 tracks on the album with several songs showing up in a couple of incarnations. Most of the songs are given the electronic treatment and are done well, but it is strange that the weaker reworkings are from the newer songs like "Alejandro" and "Bad Romance".

Unlike most remix albums this does not feel like a cash grab from the artist or label. It seems natural that this pop chameleon would be all for changing up her songs and releasing them for her fans.

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