WordGirl: Earth Day Girl

Interesting concept involved in this PBS show. WordGirl is a superhero who fights villains while improving the young watchers' vocabulary. Even the villains in the show, Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy, Birthday Girl and Dr. Two-Brains, are quirky to say the least. WordGirl and her faithful sidekick Captain Huggy Face defeat the bad guys using her superhuman strength and immense vocabulary. Don't expect your usual kids show with this one.

Episode 1: Earth Day Girl: Birthday girl mistakenly believes that everyday is her birthday. When that doesn't happen she grows in size and strength every time she gets made.

Episode 2: You Can't Crush City Hall: Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy threatens to use his sandwich press to crush City Hall. WordGirl has to use her powerful brain to figure out Chuck's computer password in order to foil his plan.

Episode 3: Two Brain Highway: A mad scientist with two brains – the second one being that of a mouse – breaks out of prison. A series of coincidences seem to be hampering WordGirl's attempts to recapture him.

Episode 4: Jerky Jerk: The Butcher, using his powers, robs some mystic meat artifacts from the town museum. This meat increases his powers and he is coming closer and closer to defeating WordGirl.

Episode 5: Tobey or Consequences: Tobey, a young genius who has a big crush on WordGirl, threatens to destroy the town unless WorldGirl comes on a sorta game show.

Episode 6: Mr. Big: Mr. Big and his assistant have a machine that makes the townspeople buy his useless product.

Episode 7: Coupon Madness: Senior citizen criminal, Granny May, prints fake coupons then brings them to stores resulting in befuddled salesclerks and allows her to rob them.

Episode 8: Lady Redundant Woman: A store worker accidentally melds her body with a copy machine. She turns into a criminal who can make endless copies of herself in order to get away with her crimes.

Special Features: Interactive Games, Information for Parents, Coloring Pages

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