Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure

Feliz Cumpleanos, Dora! It is a big birthday celebration for Dora and her friends. Kids will enjoy the reappearance of characters from previous Dora adventures.

Episode 1: Dora's Big Birthday Adventure: Dora and Boots need our help with the task of getting past an evil witch to locate the Wishing Wizzle. They need this magical tool in order to wish themselves back home in time for Dora's big birthday party.

Episode 2: Dora Helps the Birthday Wizzle: Dora and Boots once again need your help to bring the wishing wand back to the Birthday Wizzle in order to bring birthday wishes back to all those in Wizzle World.

Episode 3: Wizzle Wishes: A tiny Wizzle has lost his wishes and as a result cannot wish himself home. Dora and Boots pursue his runaway wishes and need your help capturing them.

Special Features: DVD Game

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