Happy Halloween

Nickelodeon has gathered its favourite kids shows and put an episode on each on this Halloween themed DVD. Halloween is an exciting and fun time of year for the young ones in the family and they will enjoy watching all their animated friends go through Halloween again and again.

Episode 1: Dora the Explorer: "Boo!": It is Halloween day and Dora and Boots stumble upon someone who doesn't need a costume to dress up in. Little Monster is lost and Dora and Boots have to try to get him to the Monster House before midnight.

Episode 2: Go, Diego, Go!: Freddie the Fruit Bat Saves Halloween: The llamas are trying to bring candy to Diego's party but can't get there as the bridge is broken. It is up to Freddie the Fruit Bat to help Diego save the party.

Episode 3: Wonder Pets!: Save the Bat and Save the Donkey: The Wonder Pets have to work at night in their effort to save a frightened of the dark baby bat in Transylvania and then next up is them trying to help a donkey actor prepare for his play.

Episode 4: Yo Gabba Gabba!: halloween: It is Halloween so everyone in Gabba land is putting on their costumes, attending a Halloween party, singing about trick-or-treating, and basically just having a great time.

Episode 5: Blue's Clues: What is Blue Afraid Of?: Steve needs your help trying to figure out what is scaring Blue. After you are done with that there are several other mysteries you can help solve.

Episode 6: Ni Hao, Kai-Lan: Ni Hao Halloween: Kai-Lan and her friends are ready to start trick-or-treating with YeYe. A kink is put in their plans when Rintoo sprains her ankle. Kai-Lan needs your help to try to help Rintoo.

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