Who has not stood in their shower singing A-Ha's "Take On Me"? Or is it just me? Somehow I doubt it. The Norwegian pop band decided to call it quits recently 25 years into their career. I plead ignorance in that I thought they had kicked the bucket as a Continue Reading

Tracy Bonham

Oh, Tracy where have you gone? This is what some of the fans of this singer who had some success in the mid 1990s and then kinda dropped off the radar must have been thinking. Well, she's back with her first release in five years. Through the songs on the Continue Reading

Kele Concert Preview

Kele is the frontman/guitarist for British alt-rock band Bloc Party. Born in Liverpool in 1981, he is of Nigerian descent. The band formed in 2001 and has released three albums. They decided to go on hiatus in the fall of 2009. Still feeling the creative urge, Kele moved to Berlin Continue Reading