Who has not stood in their shower singing A-Ha's "Take On Me"? Or is it just me? Somehow I doubt it.

The Norwegian pop band decided to call it quits recently 25 years into their career. I plead ignorance in that I thought they had kicked the bucket as a group years ago as I hadn't heard anything from them in years. To send themselves off in grand style they decided to reissue a couple CDs – their 1985 debut album "Hunting High and Low" and the 1986 follow up "Scoundrel Days".

Listening to the two albums back to back it is interesting to note the difference in tone between the two. The first is young and bright while the second one is weary and dark. Was success not what they thought it would be? The large amount of liner notes in the package let you in on the fact that the band does not regret following up their massive hit with the darker album as they did not want to become pigeonholed as a plastic pop band.

There are also plenty of demos and remixes that will give the true fan several versions of different songs. Some treasures to be found amongst this group of songs.

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