Numb3rs: The Final Season

Based on actual cases and experiences, Numb3rs is a television series about two brothers – one who is an FBI agent and the other who is a mathematical genius. The FBI agent recruits his brother to help him with his cases. The show takes place in Los Angeles and all the crimes are not your run-of-the-mill variety.

Episode 1: Hangman: Don (played by Rob Morrow) is after a sniper who is targeting a reformed activist but David (played by Alimi Ballard) seems to be on the sniper's side.

Episode 2: Friendly Fire: Don is working on a case that involves him investigating his old mentor.

Episode 3: 7 Men Out: The latest case involves the deaths of men who starting online betting then ended up playing Russian Roulette.

Episode 4: Where Credit's Due: A string of murders occur that mirror what happens in a film that hasn't even been released yet.

Episode 5: Hydra: A little girl, who might be one of the first human clones, is kidnapped.

Episode 6: Dreamland: A woman is struck by lightening by a former army base which is not really a problem but then more bodies start turning up.

Episode 7: Shadow Markets: A computer hacker goes after a cyber crime lord putting himself in danger.

Episode 8: Ultimatum: Ian Edgerton (played by Lou Diamond Phillips) is back though this time he is accused of murder.

Episode 9: Con Job: A present case reminds Eppes (played by Judd Hirsch) of a former case so he goes for advice to the criminal he put in jail.

Episode 10: Old Soldiers: The FBI stops a robbery and in the process finds some bills from the D.B. Cooper heist.

Episode 11: Scratch: Don investigates a scratch lottery ticket scam in which those he believes to be guilty are former lottery winners.

Episode 12: Arm in Arms: The team has to search for a missing firearms shipment in which one of the arms seems to be responsible for a death.

Episode 13: Devil Girl: A series of murdered men seem to have one thing in common – they have all recently used the services of one prostitute.

Episode 14: And the Winner Is…: The latest case involves jewelry thefts that happen at award shows.

Episode 15: Growin' Up: When a rape victim commits suicide it sheds light on another attack that has very old ties.

Episode 16: Cause and Effect: A lost gun is used in a series of crimes.

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