Fat Pig Preview

Neil LaBute's play looks at how society classifies and categorizes beauty and where overweight people fit on that scale. With television, magazines, films, and even shows like TMZ the obsession we have with image and physical attributes is crazy. We base much of what we think about people – going as far as deciding whether we like them or not – on how they look or how attractive they are.

The play is about an Average Joe who falls in love with a girl who is overweight. The crux of the play occurs when Tom's feelings for Helen begin to be shaped by what those around him think of her and her plus-size. It is seen as crazy for him to be seeing a woman who is not what society deems as attractive. It is now for Tom to decide whether he will let his feelings for her rule or bow down to the pressures of society and end the relationship.

While watching the play you will be forced to re-examine many of the choices you yourself have made in your life. Where they really made independently? Or did you just go along with the mores of society? Even in this so-called modern time we are still afraid of what is different. We begin to question what our society has deemed as being beautiful. Interesting, no?

The play is a product of many graduates of the Dawson College Professional Theatre program. Director Joe Garque, company co-founder Francis J. Martins (Carter) and Tim Diamond (Tom) all went to Dawson.

Additional Information:
-Website: www.throughline.ca
-Venue: 264 Ste. Catherine East
-Ticket Purchase: (514) 284-3939 or www.throughline.ca
-Ticket Prices: Adults: $17.00
Students/Seniors: $15.00
Groups: $13.00
Saturday, September 11th Matinee or Tuesday, September 14th: 2-for-1
-Show Times: Tuesday-Saturday: 8:00 p.m.
Matinees (Saturday): 2:00 p.m.

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