Top 10 Tennis Fashion Trends of 2010

A big part of tennis has always been, from the days of the exclusively all-white outfits, the on court fashion. How you look while you play has always been something tennis players think of. Some players even believe wholeheartedly that if they look good they will play better. Venus Williams has even stated, "If you don't look good you won't play well." I might not go that far but I will say that tennis and fashion have become inseparable. Here is a list of ten fashion trends on court in 2010:

1) Bright Colours: On the men and women's sides. Yellow. At least six female players were sporting some shade of yellow during this year's Australian Open. Ana Ivanovic, Daniela Hantuchova and Caroline Wozniacki were all in different shades of yellow Down Under. Wozniacki continued to wear yellow at the U.S. Open. On the men's side Juan Martin Del Porto, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Feliciano Lopez were all wearing yellow. Rafael Nadal stood out by wearing orange. At the U.S. Open bright purples and blues seem to be dominant with Ana Ivanovic, Jelena Jankovic and Maria Sharapova all wearing pink, purple and blue. These bright colours will catch peoples' eyes and will also set you apart from the multitude of players wearing the typical white and black.

2) Day and Night Dress: Especially on the women's side, it has become a trend to wear something a little "dressier" if you will at night. Day wear is less clingy and breathes better for games during hot days. This trend was started by none other than Maria Sharapova, a player who has always been fashion forward when it comes to what she wears on court. Even Kim Clisters, a Fila girl, has jumped on this bandwagon.

3) Compression Fit Tops: Designed to support your muscles while still ventilating. The idea is to improve accuracy and efficiency while still being constructed of a material that breathes well and whisks sweat away from your body.

4) Lacoste: The rebirth of one of the original tennis designers has been brought about by players like American Andy Roddick and Aussie Samantha Stosur sporting their outfits on court. As Stosur's U.S. Open outfit demonstrates, Lacoste is not just about white anymore.

5) White = Sedate: This year if you are going to wear white make it demure. At Wimbledon, where players still wear all-white, this year the players' outfits were all classy rather than flashy. The only other colours should be in the trim and any patterns should be subtle.

6) Stella McCarthy for Adidas: The high end fashion designer has started creating her own line of tennis outfits for Adidas. The Stella McCarthy girl is Dane Caroline Wozniacki as she has been wearing Stella McCarthy almost exclusively lately. She tends to use modern materials in her clothes and combines that with classic looks.

7) Anti-Chafing: Designers now think of things like making the labels, seams and trims in ways that they don't bug you or irritate your skin. Comfort is paramount as you don't want what you wear to hamper your game.

8) Moisture Wicking Materials: ClimaCool by Adidas and Dri-Fit by Nike are the two biggies. They use materials that will whisk sweat away from your body and keep you cooler and more comfortable as a result.

9) UV Protection in Materials: Tennis is a game in which you are out on the court possibly for hours and sometimes at the hottest points of the day. The sun is beating down on you. Now tennis clothing manufacturers have started using materials that have UV protection in them.

10) Tennis Shoes: They are now not only on the court but also hot off of them. The predominant trend in 2010 sport shoes has been tennis shoes. Puma, Adidas, Nike, K-Swiss, Lacoste all have come out with versions that have become requisite urban wear for even non tennis players.

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