Top 10 Tennis Hotties

It is the time of year for the U.S. Open – one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments. All eyes are on tennis and its players. Some players have more eyes on them then others and it is not just because of their play on court.

Since the dawn of tennis as a sport that featured all white wearing members of the social elite it has been a sport that has attracted beautiful people. On the court, I mean. It has always been a sport where fashion and glamour have played a big part. The way you look on court plays a big part. The sport also involves plenty of stamina and cardio so it tends to sculpt the bodies of those playing it into works of art.

While it is no longer the sport of the elite only it still seems to be the chosen sport of the attractive. In the past there were the likes of Gabriela Sabatini, Marat Safin, Patrick Rafter, Anna Kournikova, and Amanda Coetzer to keep hearts pounding. Today's players are just as easy on the eyes. Here is a list in no particular order of ten present day players, male and female, who put plenty of "love" into tennis.

1) David Ferrer: Smoldering. Sweet. This Spaniard makes men and women hope for a hot day where he takes his shirt off to practice. Beginning his professional tennis career in 2000, Ferrer has been ranked as high of number four in the world.

2) Ana Ivanovic: Though this Serbian's world rankings have plummeted over the past year she is still considered one of the hottest women on the tour. She is not only great looking with her dark hair and tanned body but she is quite fit. Her beauty is simple and unattainable. Perfect facial features, intelligent eyes and long, dark flowing hair makes for a nice package. Ivanovic is struggling to get her game together and her ranking back up.

3) Maria Sharapova: This 6'2" Russian beauty could easily be a model if she were not a very talented tennis player. A statuesque blonde, Sharapova is just hot. Her picture is up on the wall of many a frat boy. Maxim magazine has ranked her the hottest female athlete many times, so it is not just me who thinks she is hot. This UN Goodwill Ambassador has also been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.

4) James Blake: Blake is beautiful inside and out. Beautiful whether he is sporting a wild afro or a bald head. Has a great smile and is incredibly completive yet sportsmanlike on the court. A true gentleman. He was once a Top 5 player but is now the 6th ranked U.S. player on the ATP.

5) Elena Dementieva: Born in 1981, this young blonde Russian stunner has won two Olympic medals including a gold for her country in 2008 in Beijing. Blonde, tall and cute she is the stereotype of a hot woman. Her cheerful disposition makes her even more attractive. Dementieva has that kind of schoolgirl appeal.

6) Maria Kirilenko: Go figure, another blonde female Russian on the list. Kirilenko is good friends with Ana Ivanovic. I guess it is true that the beautiful hang out together. When she plays tennis it is like watching poetry in motion.

7) Tommy Haas: This German has had his career derailed by injury but thankfully that disappointment hasn't affected his looks. He is known for his passionate outbursts on court and his dark flowing locks as much as he is for his serve and forehand.

8) Daniela Hantuchova: Demonstrating that her beauty is not only skin deep, Hantuchova is a smart young woman who speaks six different languages and is a talented pianist. This blonde Slovak also has legs that go on forever and that does not hurt her tennis game or her ability to be on this list. Appeared in the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.

9) Fernando Verdasco: Another Spaniard, another hottie. Born in 1983 in Madrid, Verdasco is now working with former ATP player, Andre Agassi. So appealing to look at that he is often shot showing his abs, in his underwear or completely naked. Hey, he is a Calvin Klein underwear model and had his own spread in GQ. 'Nuff said, I think.

10) Janko Tipsarevic: Another cute Serbian! Must be something in the water over there. The 26-year-old is the 47th ranked player in the world. He even has a tattoo on his left arm that says, "Beauty will save the world". It is a quote from Dostoevski, whom along with Nietzsche is one of his favourite authors. He enjoys snowboarding and house music. Sorry ladies he is married.

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