The Reason

Fluctuating between hard rock and pop on their first two albums, The Reason seems to have matured quite a bit with their third full-length album and have settled on a sound. The "new" The Reason sound uses elements from their previous work, but with a rockier edge to it. Many of the songs were obviously written on the road as evidenced by their titles, "The Longest Highway Home", "Come & Go" and "Where Do We Go From Here". Interesting to hear from the horse's mouth (or musicians themselves) what it is like to be on the road for extended periods and the ups and downs that are inevitable.

Despite the serious nature of the lyrics there is still fun to be had with the handclapping and catchy guitarwork on certain songs. At times it gets downright raucous. Adam White's raspy vocals compliment very well the layered sounds and simple repetitive drumming.