Criminal Minds: Season 5

Within the FBI there is a special division made up of profilers that deal with some of the most warped criminals in the United States. They try to figure out what is going on in their twisted brains before they strike again. Each member of the team has their own specialty which makes for a pretty strong crime fighting force.

Episode 1: Faceless, Nameless: Prentiss (played by Paget Brewster), while the others are working on a case involving the targeting of a doctor, realizes that Hotch (played by Thomas Gibson) is missing.

Episode 2: Haunted: The team is called to work on a case in Louisville in which a man goes postal at a pharmacy killing a bunch of people then escapes. They have to figure out what made him snap in order to stop it from happening again.

Episode 3: Reckoner: The BAU is called on to work on a case in Agent Rossi's (played by Joe Mantegna) home town of Long Island, New York.

Episode 4: Hopeless: The BAU tries to stop a group who are randomly picking people in the city of Washington and killing them.

Episode 5: Cradle to Grave: A case they are working in New Mexico involves a man who gets women pregnant then after they give birth he murders them.

Episode 6: The Eyes Have It: A man is going around murdering people and removing their eyes to keep as souvenirs.

Episode 7: The Performer: A Goth rock star seems to have gotten too involved in his on stage persona and murders begin to happen.

Episode 8: Outfoxed: While working on one case the team has to confer with "The Fox" (played by Neal Jones), a man they had already put in jail.

Episode 9: 100: The Reaper (played by C. Thomas Howell) returns for a final showdown.

Episode 10: The Slave of Duty: Agent Hotchner takes a leave of absence.

Episode 11: Retaliation: A convict escapes from the custody of the BAU and goes on a killing spree.

Episode 12: The Uncanny Valley: The BAU is called in to profile a killer who is targeting a particular type of woman.

Episode 13: Risky Business: In Wyoming a group of teenagers commit suicide and it seems like their deaths are linked to a video game.

Episode 14: Parasite: A con artist the BAU have been tracking for years begins killing people.

Episode 15: Public Enemy: The BAU is called in to Rhode Island to try and catch a killer who is killing in public places to create fear.

Episode 16: Mosley Lane: An abductor has been taking children for roughly eight years and now the BAU is on his tail.

Episode 17: Solitary Man: A trucker is trying to find a mother for his child so he keeps abducting women and then disposing of them in random locations.

Episode 18: The Fight: Agent Hotchner and his team investigate the case of homeless men being killed in San Francisco.

Episode 19: A Rite of Passage: The BAU have to relocate to Texas where a serial killer is targeting illegals crossing the border.

Episode 20: …A Thousand Words: A tattooed serial killer commits suicide but the BAU have to try to figure out the clues to the location of a victim who might still be alive.

Episode 21: Exit Wounds: The BAU have to go to a small town in Alaska to investigate the deaths of a few people.

Episode 22: The Internet is Forever: In Boise a serial killer is using social networking sites to locate his victims.

Episode 23: Our Darkest Hour: A bunch of blackouts in Los Angeles provide a serial killer with the perfect cover to hunt down his next victims.

Special Features: Case Files: Subjects, Unknown Case Files: Break, Celebrating 100, Case Files: Grim, Case Files: Darkness, Case Files: Dante, Fear the Reaper, Gubler Direct Material Witness, Case Files: Deserted, Gag Reel, On Air Promos

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