Petty Blue

When you think of NASCAR racing your mind automatically turns to the Petty family. The four generations of Petty racers became the greatest racing family in the history of the sport. Their talent and success on the track made NASCAR the popular racing sport it is today.

The documentary, narrated by Oscar Award-winner Kevin Costner, tells the story of the Pettys in their own words. It uses old film, race footage, old photos, and interviews with family members or people who worked for the Pettys. We follow the stories of family patriarch and the first star of NASCAR Lee (car #42). He built the sport up in the consciousness of the fans. Next up was the greatest of the Petty racers, Lee's son Richard "The King" (#43), who won a record 200 race over the course of his storied career. Richard's son Kyle (#44) followed in his father's footsteps behind the wheel of a stock car and though he was not as successful as his father he stuck with it in order to carry on the family tradition. Finally Lee's great grandson Adam (#45) broke records as the first fourth generation participant in any sport.

You get to see the complete dedication and perseverance it took from the Petty family to climb to the top of the NASCAR heap. The behind-the-scenes stuff will really give the watcher a clear picture of their careers. A interesting (even for someone who is not a fan) and heartfelt look at the four Petty racing men and their families. Most of the focus is on Richard, but you also get a clear picture of Kyle, Lee and Adam. The influence they had on the sport and personal tragedies they had to overcome to get to the top are all clearly laid out. You begin to realize that the story of the Pettys is the story of stock car racing in the United States.

Special Features:
-Deleted Scenes
-Richard + Maurice – Memory Lane
-Bonus Interviews
-Audio Interviews
-Kevin Costner – "Backyard" Music Video
-The Richard Petty Driving Experience
-Hunts Brothers Pizza Richard Petty Motorsports Official Sponsor
-Trailers for NASCAR: The Ride of Their Lives and Dale

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