NCIS: Los Angeles – The First Season

Located in the city of angels (Los Angeles) is a covert division of NCIS called the Office of Special Projects. The members of this team often go deep undercover in order to locate and capture criminals who are a threat to American national security. Using all kinds of cool gadgets and new technology in order to keep up with the bad guys, the team is made up of a psychologist, an adrenaline junkie, a surveillance expert, a special technical equipment manager, and a man of a thousand disguises. They are a group who are willing to do anything to catch their man or woman. The show combines action and humour with introspective moments.

Episode 1: Legend: Agent Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) and McGee (played by Sean Murray) travel from Washington to help the Los Angeles division investigate the case of a Marine killed in Washington that might have ties to Los Angeles.

Episode 2: Identity: Callen (played by Chris O'Donnell) returns to help with a kidnapping case.

Episode 3: The Only Easy Day: It becomes personal for one team member while they are working on a case involving the murder of a drug dealer.

Episode 4: Predator: A Predator loaded with missiles is hijacked during a Marine training session resulting in the death of one Marine.

Episode 5: Search and Destroy: The team is called in to investigate when an Iraqi that former Marine Walton Flynn (played by Chris Tardio) turns up dead.

Episode 6: Killshot: The team has to act quickly when a man is killed who was working with classified information.

Episode 7: Keepin' It Real: The team is called in to investigate the death of a Marine that dies by falling from a rooftop club.

Episode 8: Pushback: Callen finds out why he was a target six months ago.

Episode 9: Ambush: While Hetty (played by Linda Hunt) is away at Senate meetings the team investigates the death of a Marine.

Episode 10: Random on Purpose: A serial killer is operating in Los Angeles.

Episode 11: Brimstone: Christmas is put on hold when the team has to investigate the death of a Marine after his cell phone explodes.

Episode 12: Breach: The latest case the team is working on seems to have some connection to Sam's (played by LL Cool J) past.

Episode 13: Past Lives: Callen wants to work a case by himself when a parolee he put in jail is killed.

Episode 14: Missing: A staff training session is interrupted when the team gets a page that indicates an agent is missing.

Episode 15: LD50: A bunch of men wearing Marine uniforms are killed in a lab.

Episode 16: The Bank Job: Agent Blye (played by Daniela Ruah) is shot during a bank robbery and the rest are being held hostage.

Episode 17: Chinatown: Nate (played by Peter Cambor) is assigned as Blye's partner during the latest case.

Episode 18: Full Throttle: The death of a sailor involved in illegal street racing becomes trickier when it is discovered that he had classified information on him.

Episode 19: Blood Brothers: With the latest case the team thinks there might be a connection between local gangs and the military.

Episode 20: Hand-to-Hand: Sam goes undercover as a mixed martial arts fighter while investigating the murder of a Marine.

Episode 21: Fame: The latest case assigned to the team by Hetty leads to them rubbing shoulders with the who's who of Hollywood.

Episode 22: Found: the team finally gets a lead in Dom's kidnapping.

Episode 23: Hunted: While the Army is transferring a prisoner the convicted terrorist escapes and NCIS is called in to help find him.

Episode 24: Burned: Callen realizes that he is being followed and a security breach means that he has no way of contacting his team.

Episode 25: Callen, G: A woman with ties to a Middle Eastern fortune might have the key to Callen's past.

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