Sara Bareilles

With the release of her debut album several years ago called "Little Voice" Sara Bareilles joined the long list of piano playing singer-songwriters who have hit it big. The sophomore album is always the tricky one for a young artist who has hit it big with their debut. They don't get to grow up within the music business slowly they are just thrust into the spotlight and sometimes they get burnt. Though it might have taken her a while to record this certainly isn't a jaded album from Miss Bareilles. It is more bouncy and peppy than the first one.

The song "Uncharted" is said by Sara herself to be the centerpiece of the album. It is about overcoming your fear to do something before you fall into the trap of doing nothing. She certainly has done something. The piano melodies are intricate and the songs are toe tappers. Even the slower songs are catchy. Stylistically the songs on the album harken back to past times in music. From the 1920s Southern gospel music to the jazz of the 1930s. Ambitious stuff for such a young artist. Great percussion and violin work on the aforementioned "Uncharted" plus the great lyrics all add up to an album that will stay on your player for some time.

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