Resident Evil: Afterlife – 3D

This is the fourth instalment of the Resident Evil films, which are based on the Resident Evil video game franchise. It is a film that is lacking in action and suspense, with story gaps, obvious plot holes and generally abysmal writing. The special effects were well done and made effective use of 3D technology. However, the slow motion effect was overused and made the action scenes feel drawn out.

The movie begins with Alice (Milla Jovovich) raiding an Umbrella Corporation installation in Japan. She has an arsenal of new and impressive powers and intends to use them to bring down Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts). However, Wesker injects Alice with a serum, which returns her humanity and escapes.

Alice then decides to seek out other survivors, and begins looking for Arcadia, which is supposedly in Alaska. Finding nothing but a crazed Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), she packs up and continues down the coastline until she finds another group of survivors hiding in a maximum security prison in Los Angeles. They too have heard of Arcadia, however claim it is a ship moored in the harbour.

The rest of the movie is spent planning an escape from the prison, and the convenient discovery of Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller) in one of the cells. He knows a safe way out. However, things go very badly and another plan is needed to reach the Arcadia.
Upon arrival it is revealed that Wesker is still alive and he's been running experiments on the few remaining human survivors. There is a confrontation and the movie ends in a cliff-hanger.

There is little to no chemistry between characters, and very little of the plot is explained to the audience. There is no suspense, things simply "happen" at random, and we see very little zombie fighting, which is the main appeal to this franchise. The special effects were spectacular, but it felt like slow motion was being used as filler – it drew out the movie to the point where it felt as though they ran out of ideas.

This movie's reliance on deus ex machina and disappointing story detract from the impact of the special effects, and virtually nothing in the Resident Evil universe is discovered.

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