Rules of Engagement: The Complete Third Season

The odd triangular friendship between a couple that have been married a long time, a young couple who just go engaged and a life long bachelor leads to plenty of laughter. They are all at different places in the relationship curve and it leads to lots of discussion, advice and comparison about love, relationships and marriage.

I did not have many expectations going into the series but I ended up pleasantly surprised as it is quite entertaining. It appeals to all age categories as the lead characters are all at different places in life.

Episode 1: Russell's Big Secret: Adam (played by Oliver Hudson) and Jennifer (played by Bianca Kajlich) try to learn how to dance before their wedding.

Episode 2: Voluntary Commitment: Jeff (played by Patrick Warburton) and Audrey (played by Megyn Price) make a bet concerning Audrey finishing what she starts.

Episode 3: Jeff's New Friend: Russell (played by David Spade) starts seeing someone who could soon be a family member.

Episode 4: Dad's Visit: Jeff's dad (played by Brian Dennehy) drops in expecting to be treated like royalty and then an accident happens that helps that along.

Episode 5: Lyin' King: Timmy (played by Adhir Kalyan) is supposed to keep and eye on Russell.

Episode 6: Poaching Timmy: Timmy is growing tired of being bossed around by Russell and Audrey is hoping to be there to snag him.

Episode 7: Old Timer's Day: After Jeff falls asleep while watching a movie he tries to prove to Audrey that he is still young but just ends up injuring himself.

Episode 8: Twice: Audrey accidentally leads her boss to believing she is pregnant and enjoys the attention. Now she has to try and get Jeff to agree to getting her really pregnant.

Episode 9: The Challenge: Tired of Jeff and Adam bragging about all the sex they are having, Russell issues them a challenge.

Episode 10: Family Style: Jeff hates it when other people eat from his plate and it causes a fight with another couple.

Episode 11: May Divorce Be With You: Audrey invites her friend to stay over for a few days when she finds out her marriage is failing.

Episode 12: House Money: Adam is angry when Jennifer lists Audrey as her emergency contact because she doesn't think he would answer his cell phone.

Episode 13: Sex Toy Story: Russell pretends he is married in order to have sex with a beautiful single woman.
Special Features: Table Read, Blooper Reel, A Tour of the Set

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