The Ten Commandments of Dating

Now normally I hate rules. I usually go out of my way to break them. But when it comes to relationships you really have to establish some limits or rules or everything will end up a mess. With all the new technology and rules about dating relationships seem to have become more and more complex as time has gone on. Here are the rules I follow in my romantic endeavours. Now keep in mind that these are not universal rules and what has worked for me might not fill the bill for you.

1) Never have sex on the first date: Most people do not see others who sleep with them on the first date as serious dating material. Keep it to a little bit of kissing and leave them wanting more.

2) Don't stay with someone who doesn't bring you around their friends: In the beginning this does make sense as it can be intimidating. If the avoidance continues that usually is a red flag that they are embarrassed of either you or them. Both options mean trouble.

3) Let them call you first: After the first date, I mean. Do not rush to call them first thing in the morning after the first date. It just seems a little desperate to me. Let them call you. If they don't it usually means that you had a better time than them and maybe it's better that it ends now.

4) Don't let them know everything about you: Keep some tricks up your sleeve and an air of mystery about you. Keeps 'em interested.

5) Keep some details about your past to yourself: He/she doesn't need to know how many people you have slept with or other details about your past romantic liaisons. Common sense, right?

6) Don't mix business with pleasure: This rule goes along the lines of the famous saying "Don't s%*t where you eat". Your work place should be kept separate from your personal life. If you mix the two it tends to get really messy.

7) Don't move in with someone who doesn't offer first: Moving in together is a big step and you should not have to force or blackmail your partner into it happening. It definitely has to be something that you both really want.

8) Never talk to your friends about what goes on in the bedroom: I think it is alright to talk in generalities but going into the nitty gritty just seems wrong. Some things should just be kept private whether the sex is good, bad or somewhere in the middle.

9) Always be up front about your intentions: If you are just in it for sex then let them know. If you want something serious let them know. Communication is the key or someone will end up getting hurt.

10) Don't date too many people at once: Greedy guts! You will just end up getting confused between one or the other and it could lead to some embarrassing moments. You cannot possibly remember who said what when the numbers become too large to manage.

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