Despite the attempts at twists and turns this is possibly one of the worst romantic comedies that I've seen in a while just because the idea behind it is so damaging to women and how they are viewed. I don't want to sound like a raging feminist, but really…it's insulting to the intelligence and depth of the person watching it. No matter how it tries to be a film with a "message".

Clarissa (Sarah Chalke – from television's Scrubs) believes that if you have the right clothes, accessories and car that life is your bowl of cherries. Living based on this belief, Clarissa is now 32 years old and all she has to show for it is a string of one night stands and failed relationships. She suddenly decides that what is missing in her life is that she is not married, so she sets out to snag the perfect husband for herself.

Along with her friends Polo (Noureen DeWulf – The Back-Up Plan, Ocean's Thirteen), Jennifer (Marla Sokoloff – from television's The Practice) and Gravy (Judy Greer – What Women Want, 13 Going On 30), Clarissa makes it priority number one to find a suitable husband. This proves to be tricky as she has dated every single, acceptable man in New York and Los Angeles. To make it even more stressful she has already booked her wedding for three months from now. The race to the altar is on.

Originally aired as a two part mini series I'm stunned by the fact that they released this on DVD thinking that people would be interested and they would make money. Did they bank on the popularity of Sarah Chalke (tsk! tsk! You are Canadian and should better than getting yourself involved in such a mess)? The character she plays is so unlikeable with all her superficiality, scheming and generally untrustworthy that you cannot even like Miss Chalke in the role. This type of role is not going to do anything for her career and if I was her I would keep this atrocity hidden away from the light of day.

The film is not just a disaster for Sarah Chalke. It's hard to believe that any of the characters are realistic portrayals of people. They are just so silly, dumb or unlikeable. I don't know about this one…it totally has me at a loss.

Special Features:
-Previews of Michael Jackson's This Is It, By the People: The Election of Barack Obama, Dawson's Creek – Complete Series, The Nora Robert's Collection, Ice Castles, Girls' Night and Blu-ray Disc is High Definition!

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