Oceans – Blu-ray + DVD Combo

The oceans of the planet are places of extreme beauty and varying degrees of danger. This juxtaposition is clearly shown in this documentary by the folks at Disney. An occasionally slow moving film, "Oceans" does not fall into the trap of being too ecologically heavy handed. They don't overwhelm you with how the delicate ecosystems of the oceans are being destroyed by human created pollution. It's not like that aspect of the story never comes up, but the directors often temper it with beautiful pictures of the creatures that live in the water.

For 80 minutes you are brought through all the marvellous wonders of the oceans. Narrated by Pierce Brosnan the film shows a good portion of the beauty and wonder that happens away from our eyes. The film does not really have a story to it but focuses mostly on showing beautiful images. There are even long moments when narrator Brosnan does not speak so we can just take in the beauty.

Another cool aspect of the film that is a little different is that at times even the music is turned off and the only sounds we hear are the ones of the ocean. Very interesting and not something you often get the opportunity to take in. You cannot help but be moved by the sounds of the whales and other sea creatures.

Realism and all aspects of the ocean are focused on. As a result several of the scenes will take your breath away. Since the ocean is shown in all its glory it is also shown in all its fury and power. The ocean during a storm is quite a sight to behold. The loudness of the waves crashing and the power of the wind blowing are incredible to watch.

Most of us just think of the ocean as a place of lots of water and don't really realize how brimming with life and activity it is. The first 10 minutes of the film really wakes you up to that reality. Birds, dolphins, sharks, and whales are shown feeding on a giant school of sardines. The activity is constant and frenetic. So incredible you will find yourself watching that part with your mouth hanging open. The film shows you how 'alive' the oceans of the world (and it does feature the oceans of the different continents) are.

Special Features:
-Filmmakers Annotations
-Living Menu
-Disney and Nature: Caring for the World We Share
-Make a Wave
-African Cats Trailer

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