The godfather of trip-hop has always worn his influences on his sleeve. He is not afraid to take all the different bits from artists or musical styles that he admires and fusing them together to create something new. On different tracks on this album you will hear him using dancehall or Arabic vocals along with his trip-hop beats (trip-hop lite – in the last few albums Tricky has toned down the trip-hop nature of his music). It all has the effect of becoming an album that is a little like the United Nations of music.

Lyrically he demonstrates that he is still quite passionate about music and making it. The themes that are running through his songs like temptation, disobedience, introspection, and naughtiness reveals that he is an artist constantly in thought about the world around him.

At a mere thirty minutes, there really is no fat to be found on the album. All the unnecessary filler has been removed and what remains is the "important" stuff.

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