The Mentalist: The Complete Second Season

Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker) is a man who works for the California Bureau of Investigation and plays (works) by his own rules. He is a psychic who uses his talent to see clues where others have missed them. The crime solving techniques he uses to crack these baffling cases are innovative to say the least. With all the twists and turns in this show it is almost impossible to guess the ending.

Episode 1: Redemption: Jane makes a decision to solve one more case and then leave the CBI.

Episode 2: The Scarlett Letter: Jane tries to uncover what new evidence the team has on the Red John case.

Episode 3: Red Badge: Lisbon (played by Robin Tunney) is the prime suspect when the body of a child molester she arrested years ago turns up dead.

Episode 4: Red Menace: The CBI is called in to work the murder of a criminal attourney whose only client was a motorcycle gang.

Episode 5: Red Scare: At the Blackworth Manor a body is discovered. The local sheriff believes that the mansion is haunted and the ghost has done away with the present owner.

Episode 6: Black Gold and Red Blood: Bosco (played by Terry Kinney) arrests Jane and throws him in a cell for spying on his team during their work on the Red John case.

Episode 7: Red Bulls: Bosco and Lisbon's teams have to work together on a case and their different styles cause some clashes.

Episode 8: His Red Right Hand: Jane and Lisbon are back on the Red John case after a shooting happens in the CBI headquarters.

Episode 9: A Price Above Rubies: The CBI work on the case of a jeweler murdered during a robbery.

Episode 10: Throwing Fire: Jane is hit in the head with a baseball during an investigation and flashes back to his time as a stage performer.

Episode 11: Rose-Colored Glasses: The CBI investigates the double murder of a couple on the way to their high school reunion.

Episode 12: Bleeding Heart: Reporter Mike Brewster (played by Roark Critchlow) is given the assignment of following the CBI around on a case.

Episode 13: Redline: The body of a young female car salesperson is found stuffed in the trunk of an expensive car at a high end dealership.

Episode 14: Blood In, Blood Out: Jane goes along with Cho (played by Tim Kang) on a case involving the murder of a gang member – a gang that Jane used to belong to in his younger days.

Episode 15: Red Herring: Jane and the team are called in to investigate the death of a chef that occurred at a best chef competition.

Episode 16: Code Red: Dr. Alicia Seberg (played by Amy Price-Francis) is poisoned by a toxin that she is working with and wants Jane to find her murderer.

Episode 17: The Red Box: Madelaine Hightower (played by Aunjanue Ellis) takes over the running of the CBI and that worries Lisbon.

Episode 18: Aingavite Baa: Hightower makes a decision about the romantic relationship between Rigsby (played by Owain Yeoman) and Van Pelt (played by Amanda Righetti).

Episode 19: Blood Money: ADA Kelly Flower (played by Rachel Montez Collins) is murdered and it doesn't take long for Jane to figure out who the murderer is.

Episode 20: Red All Over: The CBI is called in to investigate the murder of a wealthy media CEO, Xander Harrington (played by Bob Gunton).

Episode 21: 18-5-4: A math genius is murder and his index finger is taken by a gun wielding clown.

Episode 22: Red Letter: Jane is reunited with another psychic, Kristina Frye (played by Leslie Hope).

Episode 23: Red Sky in the Morning: The CBI are investigating a Red John copycat murder and Kristina Frye tries to involve herself in the investigation.

Special Features: Art of a Mentalist": insights with executive producer/director Chris Long on making an episode, "Mentalism: A Subliminal Art: (11 pods with cast and producer), 10 deleted scenes

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