Montreal Greek Film Festival Preview

Because in its inaugural year the Montreal Greek Film Festival was such a success they decided to do it all over again this year. Located at the Parc Cinema, the festival shines a spotlight on Greek films which have done well and been recognized at other film festivals around the world. It is a time of rebirth for the Greek film industry and more films are being produced and recognized than have been for a number of years. The films chosen give us an insight into the collective Greek psyche and culture.

This year's opening film is "El Greco" by director Yiannis Smaragdis. It is a Greek-Spain co-production. It is the story of the famous painter from Toledo. After the screening of the film on opening night there will be a cocktail. Other films being presented include the iconic "Zorba the Greek" (a beautifully restored version), "Cafafy" – about the respected poet from Alexandria, "Plato's Academy", and "The Colossi of Love".

As a note the closing night will take place at the Rialto Theatre (5723 Parc Avenue).

Additional Information:
-Venue: 3575 Parc Ave.
-Ticket Purchase: Box office at Parc Cinema or
-Ticket Prices: Single Ticket: $11.00

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