The Three Stooges Collection, Volume Eight – 1955-1959

These 32 short films come from The Three Stooges last days with Columbia Studios. Plus it is the last appearances of Shremp and his shortlived replacement Joe Besser. Columbia cancelled The Three Stooges contract in 1957. The comedy act regrouped thanks to television in 1959. Curly Joe De Rita joined the group in 1959. Their unique brand of physical humour and slapstick comedy continued on and influenced many future acts.

Episode 1: Fling in the Ring: Big Mike and his goons are after the Stooges, but Shemp is able to save Moe and Larry using mothballs and an axe.

Episode 2: Of Cash and Hash: Larry, Moe and Shemp are caught in the middle of the shootout and end up hiding out at Lefty's.

Episode 3: Gypped in the Penthouse: Larry and Shemp meet each other at the Woman Haters Club 87 and trade their sad stories about their bad luck with women.

Episode 4: Bedlam in Paradise: In order to get into Heaven, Shemp must make good boys out of Larry and Moe.

Episode 5: Stone Age Romeos: A museum curator hires Larry, Moe and Shemp to do some research on the existence of cavemen.

Episode 6: Wham-Bam-Slam!: Larry's friend Claude tries to help Shemp get over a bad case of nerves.

Episode 7: Hot Ice: The Stooges get into trouble due to jewel thief Dapper Dan.

Episode 8: Blunder Boys: Detectives Larry, Moe and Shemp have to dress up as women in order to catch a thief who dresses in women's clothing.

Episode 9: Husbands Beware: Vocal coach Shemp has to ward off women who are after his money while Larry and Moe marry sisters.

Episode 10: Creeps: Triplets Larry, Moe and Shemp really want to hear a scary bedtime story, but it doesn't exactly work out.

Episode 11: Flagpole Jitters: Larry, Moe and Shemp inadvertently stop a thief from robbing a bank.

Episode 12: For Cryin' Out Loud: Detectives Larry, Moe and Shemp try to solve a crime that involves the Phantom Gang and Nikko.

Episode 13: Rumpus in the Harem: The Three Stooges come up against the Emir of Shame once again.

Episode 14: Hot Stuff: The Three Stooges go back to Anemia.

Episode 15: Scheming Schemers: Plumbers Larry, Moe and Shemp try to thwart art thieves.

Episode 16: Commotion on the Ocean: Larry, Moe, Shemp and Bortch on the high seas.

Episode 17: Hoots and Goofs: Larry, Moe and Joe hear Sister Birdie's, who has been dead for over a year, voice coming out of a horse.

Episode 18: Muscle Up a Little Closer: Joe's fiance's Tiny discovers that her engagement ring has been stolen and The Three Stooges suspect jewel thief Elmo Drake.

Episode 19: A Merry Mix-Up: Triplets Larry, Moe and Joe discover that they have long-lost brothers who happen to live in the same town.

Episode 20: Space Ship Sappy: Larry, Moe and Joe are desperately looking for work then see an ad to work on a cruise ship.

Episode 21: Guns a Poppin!: Moe wants to get away for a little rest and relaxation at his cabin, but is interrupted by a noisy escaped bandit.

Episode 22: Horsing Around: Birdie and her child now live with The Stooges while she spends time looking for her long lost love.

Episode 23: Rusty Romeo: Larry, Moe and Joe all fall under the spell of a three-timing gold digger.

Episode 24: Outer Space Jitters: Larry, Moe and Joe go up against The Grand Zilch of Sunev, who wants to create an army of zombies.

Episode 25: Quiz Whizz: Joe wins a $15,000 jackpot and decides to invest his money in smog bags, but is swindled out his money.

Episode 26: Fifi Blows Her Top: Joe's girl Fifi moves in next door with The Stooges then marries a jealous bully.

Episode 27: Pies and Guys: Joe is trying hard to become a gentleman, but his every attempt is foiled.

Episode 28: Sweet and Hot: Talent agent Larry sends his client Zaftig singer Tiny Landers to psychiatrist Moe in order to be cured of her stage fright.

Episode 29: Flying Saucer Daffy: Larry and Moe enter Joe's photo of a paper plate, which they believe to be a flying saucer, in a photo contest and this lands them in jail.

Episode 30: Oil's Well That Ends Well: Larry, Moe and Joe are working as miner and must dig up enough valuable metal in order to pay for their Pa's operation.

Episode 31: Triple Crossed: Joe is a jealous lover and an underwear salesman and Larry is a home wrecking pet shop owner.

Episode 32: Sappy Bull Fighters: Joe is a matador, but is keeping his eye on an attractive blonder rather than the bull.

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