The Penguins of Madagascar: I Was a Penguin Zombie

Dreamworks is a studio that seems to like linking up film and television. Once they realized that the Penguins from the Madagascar film series were fan favourites they were given their own television series. They are an obvious choice as they are fun, crazy, adventurous, and always have something up their sleeves.

The show focuses on four penguins who live at the New York Zoo and all the adventures they get mixed up in. The comedy is broad and aimed primarily at kids but all ages should enjoy it.

Episode 1: I Was a Penguin Zombie: While fishing for condiments Skipper breaks his wing.

Episode 2: Driven to the Brink: Because Rico insists on doing some late night joyriding the car ends up being haunted and wanting revenge on him.

Episode 3: Haunted Habitat: Every night Marlene the otter is disturbed while she sleeps so she and Skipper go down into the sewer to find out what the source of the nocturnal noise is.

Episode 4: Lemur See, Lemur Do: King Julien gets a robot, names him Lemmy and they become bosom buddies.

Episode 5: Eclipsed: The chimpanzees use a solar eclipse as an opportunity to teach Julien a lesson about being nice.

Episode 6: Mort Unbound: Mort is zapped with super strength which allows him and Julien to stand up to the bigger animals when disputes over food arise.

Episode 7: Misfortune Cookie: Rico gets a fortune cookie that predicts a painful end for him.

Episode 8: It's About Time: Kowalski's time travel cause different Kowalski's from the future to come back in time telling him to cut it out.

Special Features: Trailers for Megamind, How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek Forever After and The Last Airbender, DreamWorks Animated Video Jukebox

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