Brian Ferry

Back in the day Roxy Music and lead singer Brian Ferry were the cat's meow. That is no longer the case, yet he is still able to get Kate Moss to pose on satin sheets for the cover of his latest album. The cover with a supermodel is the first Continue Reading

Sword of Sherwood Forest

Hammer Studios, the company behind this film, was best known for their horror films. They did horror cheaply and well. Using well-known stories as backdrops for their horror flicks they carved out quite a niche for themselves. This film, directed by Terence Fisher (Horror of Frankenstein, The Hound of Baskerville), Continue Reading

Troy von Balthazar

Listening to this 14-track album you will get more than you would from your typical pop rock fare. Mr. von Balthazar has infused traces of electronica and psychedelia in his music. It is not exactly normal, but not really odd either. It is different and in a good sense. It Continue Reading

Zac Brown Band

Though the Zac Brown Band is classified as a country music act their latest release features music from many different genres. The band is very comfortable mixing alt-country with reggae, rock and bluegrass to make a sound that is uniquely their own. The diversity on the album is impressive. Much Continue Reading