Brian Ferry

Back in the day Roxy Music and lead singer Brian Ferry were the cat's meow. That is no longer the case, yet he is still able to get Kate Moss to pose on satin sheets for the cover of his latest album. The cover with a supermodel is the first hint that this is a harkening back to the good old days. The second clue is that former Roxy Music members (it is almost a reunion) Brian Eno, Phil Manzanera and Andy MacKay all make guest appearances. The guest appearances don't stop there with David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Groove Armada and the Scissor Sisters also popping in for a spell.

With all of this it is not a surprise that much of the album is quite strong and filled with the art/pop songs we have come to expect from the man. The beats are throbbing and Ferry is his usual smooth self. Disappointingly some of the songs fall flat on their faces. All the talent on the album and it does not work in some instances. Unfortunate. But the bad is outweighed by the good and the substance rises above the style.

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