Sword of Sherwood Forest

Hammer Studios, the company behind this film, was best known for their horror films. They did horror cheaply and well. Using well-known stories as backdrops for their horror flicks they carved out quite a niche for themselves. This film, directed by Terence Fisher (Horror of Frankenstein, The Hound of Baskerville), is not one of the studio's finer moments.

During the Crusade the Lord of Bortrey has perished. Trying to take advantage of the death, the conniving Sheriff of Nottingham (Peter Cushing – Top Secret!, Star Wars) has plans to confiscate the dead man's estate. Not one to stand idly by, the Archbishop of Canterbury (Jack Gwillim – Lawrence of Arabia, Patton) speaks out against the Sherriff's plan. This leads to the Sheriff of Nottingham putting a plan in motion to assassinate the Archbishop.

Robin Hood (Richard Greene – The Little Princess) pretends to go about trying to assassinate the Archbishop. When Maid Marian (Sarah Branch – Hell is a City) meets him she believes Robin to be the leader of a gang of murderers and as such leads him into a trap.

There are problems aplenty with this version of the Robin Hood story. First and foremost it is a fairly dull film. Very little action or even scary parts (based on the fact that it comes out of Hammer Studios this is disappointing) to keep you interested. The way the story is told is not engaging in the least. It still manages to be campy in parts, but that was not enough for me. Second, though the story is not that complex the way it is told makes it confusing in parts.

Special Features:
-Previews of The Treasures of Columbia Classics and A Knight's Tale

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