SG-U Stargate Universe: The Complete First Season – Blu-ray Edition

To get your sci fi fix you should check out this series – especially since it is on blu-ray now. A group of scientists, soldiers and civilians have to flee due to an attack. They find themselves stranded far away from Earth on a very old spaceship called Destiny. Not knowing where they are going or how they can get back to Earth every moment is a fight for survival. The humans on board will soon find out who on board they can trust and who is against them.

Episode 1: Air, Part 1: A research team is forced to flee when their secret base is attacked and end up stranded on an old spaceship named Destiny billions of light years from Earth.

Episode 2: Air, Part 2: The life support system on Destiny is going to fail in a matter of hours.

Episode 3: Air, Part 3: Lieutenant Scott (played by Brian J. Smith) and Dr. Rush (played by Robert Carlyle) travel to a planet that contains a mineral they need to keep Destiny's life support system going.

Episode 4: Darkness, Part 1: Dr. Rush tries to figure out why the ship's power reserves are precariously low.

Episode 5: Light, Part 2: The Destiny ends up close to one of the three planets, but Colonel Young (played by Justin Louis) says that only fifteen people can go on the shuttle.

Episode 6: Water: To top up their low supplies the crew tries to get water from an ice planet.

Episode 7: Earth: Ancient communication stones are used to allow a few crew members to go back home and try to come up with a plan to get everyone there.

Episode 8: Time: While on an assignment the team finds a Kino filled with footage of themselves they haven't shot yet.

Episode 9: Life: Some of the crew uses the ancient Long Range Communication Device in order to let those still on Earth know that they are alive.

Episode 10: Justice: A crew member is a suspect in a crime and the rest must determine their guilt or innocence.

Episode 11: Space, Part 1: The communication stones malfunction and the Destiny and its crew are exposed to a powerful alien race.

Episode 12: Divided, Part 2: Some of the civilians on the Destiny stage a coup and take it over from the military.

Episode 13: Faith: Destiny stops at a planet with plenty of food and water but its countdown clock isn't running.

Episode 14: Human: While performing some experiments on the ship's computer Dr. Rush experiences some flashbacks about his own life.

Episode 15: Lost: Greer (played by Jamil Walker Smith) is thought to be dead and left on a planet but he is merely trapped under some rubble.

Episode 16: Sabotage: When one of the drive modules on the Destiny explodes the crew needs the help of a brilliant scientist who is still on Earth in order to repair it.

Episode 17: Pain: An away team is infected with a parasitic infestation and they begin to see their worst fears come to life.

Episode 18: Subversion: Rush believes there is a crew member on the Destiny who is spying in behalf of the Lucian Alliance.

Episode 19: Incursion, Part 1: Commander Kiva (played by Rhona Mitra) manages to board the Destiny and takes some hostages.

Episode 20: Incursion, Part 2: Young and Camille (played by Ming-Na) try to solve the hostage crisis with Kiva.

Special Features: SGU Survival Instinct Game, Destiny SML, Kino Video Diaries, Extended Version of Air, Part 1

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