Medium: The Sixth Season

Allison Dubois (played by Patricia Arquette) is married and a mother of three young girls. She lives in the suburbs and drives a Volvo. Everything seems fairly normal except for the fact that Allison can see the future in her dreams, sometimes see peoples' thoughts and communicate with the dead. Continue Reading


Sometimes the choices actors make cause me to scratch my head. Paul Bettany is a better than average actor who has demonstrated his ample talent in films like A Beautiful Mind, Creation, The Young Victoria, and Gangster No. 1. But then he goes off and makes films like Wimbledon, Firewall Continue Reading

For Colored Girls

Sexual politics is not what it used to be. Though it doesn't seem like everyone has got the memo. The latest Tyler Perry film is based on a play by Nitozake Shange that was originally staged in the 1970s. I'm not sure that Perry and those involved with the making Continue Reading