Sometimes the choices actors make cause me to scratch my head. Paul Bettany is a better than average actor who has demonstrated his ample talent in films like A Beautiful Mind, Creation, The Young Victoria, and Gangster No. 1. But then he goes off and makes films like Wimbledon, Firewall and this one. Now, it is not exactly an awful film, but it certainly isn't up to the standards Bettany is capable of. Though he does a decent job the film is rather lacklustre.

The first hour or so of the film is actually decent and then everything goes to pot. The ending seems like it was rushed and things were just thrown together. I understand when actors take on more action type roles rather than doing drama after drama (which must get emotionally wearing for them), but they still can be decent films like when he did Iron Man.

God has lost his faith in mankind and Michael his faith in God. God has decided that humans have screwed things up so badly that he will have to send his angels down to Earth to destroy them. At an isolated truck stop in the middle of the desert, the future of mankind will be decided.

The armies of evil are assembling. They are heavily armed and are coming to destroy all human life. Under the archangel Michael (Paul Bettany) a random group of people who happen to be at the truck stop are forced to fight together for the fate of all humans. They are the soldiers who will be fighting the oncoming apocalypse. They must band together to protect the unborn baby of a waitress (Adrianne Palicki – from television's Friday Night Lights) from the soldiers of evil who will stop at nothing to kill the child.

While this is basically a horror/action film the acting is a notch above the usual. But as it is a horror/action film that counts for less than the action and pacing of the film. Despite what the trailers would lead you to believe there is precious little action and at times the film is so slow it almost seems to grind to a halt. The characters spend a lot of time talking to one another and very little actually engaging in any action. After about an hour of this you begin to realize that you care very little about what they are saying and silently wish that the ass kicking would just happen.

Despite the fact that the premise behind the film is quite interesting and seems ripe for a film the way it is told brings about its undoing. Some scenes are so ridiculous that they seem to have just been added on for particular characters and have no real relevance or purpose. For all its dialogue the whole point of the film is never even really explained.

Special Features:
-Creating the Apocalypse
-Humanity's Last Line of Defense
-From Pixels to Picture
-Previews of Justified, Chloe, Salt, Grown Ups, A Prophet (Un Prophete), Wild Things: Foursome, Shinjuku Incident, Rescue Me, The Road, Youth in Revolt, Harry Brown, and 2012

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